Elisha Asked for Jars


Do you have a pressing need?

You really want a job, or long for increase of some kind. You want to be recognised for your work…or you just want something better than what you have now.

I have been thinking. Try taking stock of what you have. Is there any route from where you are to where you want to be?

It could be remote, but there has to be.

If I desire to travel by sea to some distant place then I must make adequate plans for a vessel of some sort.

In other words, if I need miracle wine, then I’d better have or get water, at least.

A woman in distress went to Elisha to seek help. Her two children were to be taken as slaves in exchange for money her late husband owed.

She was poor and powerless to prevent it.

Although, Elisha knew this, he still ventured to ask: “What hast thou in the house?”

Poor as she was, she had a pot of oil.

But Elisha did not stop here. It was good that she had oil, but it was money she needed.

She had to get jars- a lot- from her neighbours. And then, she poured the oil into as many jars as she got. She exhausted the oil in all the available vessels, and when they were all filled the oil stopped.

She sold them and had enough money to pay her debt and take care of her family.

At the wedding in Cana where Jesus performed His first miracle, they needed wine and they had water.

Water was turned into wine.

In the same way, as we seek a miracle, we need to have our “oil” in hand. That job you seek may require more skill or education than you possess at present.

Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou shalt find it after many days. Ecclesiastes 11:1 (kjv)

You may need to improve your connections, increase your work rate, go for necessary training, manage your time more effectively and so on. Like that widow, you would need to get a lot of “jars.”

Like learning how to drive if you are praying for a car.

Invest in yourself for the day your Elisha comes, and continue to improve. Because your blessing will be proportional to the number of jars you have accrued; how much you have improved.

Go and get your jars!!!!






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