We have met with disappointment from several quarters in our quest to achieve set goals, to realize the potential we believe we possess.

But we have not folded our arms or assumed indifference as life passed with its numerous opportunities.

We are not sulking or faulting anyone for our let-downs. Neither do we go through life requiring that everyone shows us pity on account of whatever we have suffered.

We fell sometime ago but we are standing now. We have chosen to be “powerful and not pitiful.” And remarkably, we are still chasing hard after those dreams. We are assured of the fact that we only lose when we quit- and we don’t want to lose.

It is not that we have concrete assurance of reaching that mark. When we look around, we see more failures than successes. And, while there are a few success stories, the bad far outnumber the good.

But we persist, when there is little in the way of encouragement.

If it is neither the guarantee of success nor its evidence, what is it that has compelled us to try one more time? What is the force behind this perpetual resurgence?

I am thinking Hope.

I first wrote this poem a long time ago- before I started this blog. Its message is hope. And, it doesn’t surprise me, that something so powerful should be so many things at the same time.

Hope is gentle;

Hope is mild,

Hope is fiery;

Hope is wild,

Hope is brave;

Hope is audacious.

Hope is certain;

Hope is sure,

Hope is wiry;

Hope is strong,

Death is darkness;

Hope is light,

Hope is resolute,

Hope is firm;

When hope is threatened,

Hope will fight;

Projections may be grim,

Hope won’t mind,

Hope will rally,

Hope will survive;

When the chips are down,

Love would cry,

Faith would sigh,

Hope will smile;

Hope is vital;

Hope is life,

Hope is escape

from that abyss;

Hope is patient,

Hope endures;

When friends leave,

Hope will stay.

And in the end,

Hope will win.


P.S. Hope is Christ

If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. 1 Cor 15:9 (kjv)


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